Hello. If you couldn’t guess it already I really love cupcakes. They’re pretty much the best thing ever. They’re tasty, adorable and much easier to make then a whole cake. And there’s just something really great about being able to have a tasty treat in palm your hand. I began to really enjoy making cupcakes around my son’s first birthday. I figured seeing as the tradition was to allow your child to make a complete and total mess of his/her cake that a cupcake would be ideal. Only previous to then I had only made cupcakes for the taste value, not worrying about visual appeal. I took the whole month of January (my son’s birthday is late January) to experiment with piping tips and making butter-cream frosting until I had it down to an art form. Or at least a heck of a lot better than just slathering frosting on top of a cupcake and calling it a day! Since then I’ve just loved making cupcakes. I use any and all holidays as an excuse to make them. Only seeing as we’re a family of three with no other family in the area that makes a small dilemma of having mass amounts of cupcakes around the house.  So I’ve started pawning them off on my husband’s co-workers! It’s a win-win situation. I get to make the cupcakes and not have to worry about stuffing my face with them!  I decided in addition to making cupcakes on any and all holidays to just go all out and make one recipe a week and blog about it. Welcome to the Weekly Cupcake!!

If you have a recipe you’d like to me feature please email me at kristen [at] weeklycupcake [dot] com.

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  1. You might want to remove your email address from the text of the page. Spam bots will scrape it and start spamming you. Instead, do something like “kristen [at] weeklycupcake [dot] com” or use a submission form. I can provide a form for you that will protect your email address.

  2. Thanks James, done.

  3. Hey, you should add a pic of yourself on the about page. For all we know you might be some kind of robot or child laborer.

    • James,

      A robot would include synthetic oil and WD-40 in the ingredient list and a child laborer would include pain and loathing. These cupcakes are made with love.

  4. I just ate your rainbow cake coconut cupcake! It was fantastic! As always, delicious and appreciated! Your son did a good job of picking out the cake!

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