May 312010

This week I went for more looks than trying a different cupcake. The cupcakes are just plain Jane chocolate with butter cream frosting. I found these cute cupcakes on flickr and decided to do them. I wanted something easy but fun. As you can see from the above picture a cake decorator I am NOT.

I didn’t do any pictures of the chocolate cupcakes because I’ve done that before!

What you will need:

  • cupcakes
  • frosting dyed green
  • a small amount of brown frosting
  • coconut dyed green
  • some sort of brown, round/oval shaped candies. (Recipe said chocolate covered almonds but the almonds I found were HUGE and there’s no way I could have fit three on top of a cupcake. I used chocolate covered raisins. I bet brown peanut M&Ms would word well too)
  • watermelon candies. My grocery store is fancy has a large section of bulk candies, watermelon ones included.

How to assemble:

Frost your cupcakes with the green frosting. Add some green coconut to the edges of the cupcakes. Use three chocolate covered raisins – (or whatever you’re using – to make the body of the ant. Add the legs with the brown frosting (and antenna if you want, mine didn’t come out very well). Put a watermelon candy on top, as if the ant is carrying away some of your Memorial Day picnic! Voila, you have cute cupcakes! Hopefully you’re cake decorating is better than mine!

Idea source.